Many Old Leftists Don’t “Get” Gender
Elliot Swain

Archer Magazine recently published a piece with a similar sentiment. About how we must bridge the age gap and educate the older generation on our ever changing language. It’s important to not simply “call out” the older generation, or dismiss them as being rude — when they simply don’t understand the recent developments and do not necessarily have access to the tools that would allow them to understand them, i.e. the internet.

When I was a volunteer coordinator on a marriage equality campaign, we would often run into the issue you mentioned during group introductions. Older people wouldn’t necessarily understand what we were doing (providing our pronouns), why we were doing it, or why it was important in the creation of a “safe space”. Seeing this as an opportunity to educate and bridge that gap was always more beneficial to all involved than remaining silent, moving on. Assuming they were critical of the process, when they really just don’t understand it (it can be a foreign concept), can only hinder the growth and progress of our community.