I’m a firm believer that our souls reset every time we encounter the wink of sunlight looming over a mountaintop.

I’m a firm believer our breathing comes easier the softer the shades of periwinkle and rose paint across an aquamarine backdrop.

I’m a firm believer in the rustling under my ribcage, the tightening in my chest that reminds me I’m alive, I’m worthy, this is bigger than me. This is all so much bigger than me. This is all so beautifully orchestrated and I’m a small, but oh so significant speck in the grand design that is unfolding right in front of my somewhat sleepy eyes.

I’m a firm believer that our souls replenish every time we take in a new day ecstatically swelling up to welcome us with outstretched arms, calling us home. Every cirrus and cumulus is highlighted with undertones of orchid and thistle hues, dancing with splashes of peach and ruby. The sky ignites, showing off after billowing rains, the wall-trembling thunder is gone, the electric shocks of lightening no longer zap to the ground.

I’m a firm believer that this spectacular show the firmament is presenting reflects the beauty we have, floating inside, waiting to be unleashed and shared with every single thing we cross paths with. An embrace from beyond to our inner light urging us to go out and overwhelmingly paint our surrounding with this unabashedly beautiful view. I’m a firm believer our souls are reset every time we see that golden rock rise up, fulfilling the promise of another untouched, brand new day for our taking.

//It’s Bigger Than A Sunrise