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Team: Alok Dubey (Design Lead), Viren Baid (Product Lead), Anuj Verma (Product Manager)

Project Type: Consumer Growth (Next Billion Users)


Government jobs have become a craze for the millennial generation because of job security and employment stability. With a significant percentage of the total workforce, the government sector employs about 2,15,47,845 Indian nationals. In 2018, Indian Railway published that the vacancy to application ratio for their latest recruitment was 311:1. Around 2.8 crores applied for the 90,000 openings for the railway recruitment 2018.

Government recruitments are conducted by various authorities or organizations and are conducted in multiple venues at centers…

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Team: Alok Dubey, Vaibhav Bhalekar, Atul Nayyar

Project Type: Consumer Growth (Next Billion Users)

About Aasaanjobs (an OLX Group Company)

Aasaanjobs is a leading end-to-end recruitment company connecting employers, consultants, and job seekers.

The company’s primary goal is to make hiring quick, easy, and convenient for everyone involved.

About the Product

In this case study, I’ll talk about the consumer side of the product, which is for Jobseekers. Our target users are blue-collar job seekers. Blue-collar jobs like delivery boys, salespeople, call center executives, etc. come under low-income & high-demand job categories. These users also represent the Next Billion Users in India.

My Role

I led the end to end process…

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You interviewed some candidates, and now you wanted to do some verification about them so you can have a better understanding of them. Most of the companies do reference checking for various reasons, like whether the candidate is a good match for their company culture or they are going to fit for the role perfectly.

Team: Alok Dubey(Designer), Daniel Braithwaite (Head of Product), Daniel Callaghan(CEO)


Problem Statement

To make the pre-employment screening process automated for growing companies.

The current HR apps are standing on the various frail system. To conquer all those barriers and the broken process, we needed something…

As technology getting advance, companies are scaling up their process for mass hiring by using some Application Tracking System. Companies are in the race of getting hotshot candidates on-board as fast as possible while churning piles of resume. They are overlooking human value from human resources.

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Job Seekers Pain Points

During my UX research for understanding the Indian Blue Collar job market, I met many job seekers to understand their pain points and their thinking about job boards. In my conversation, I found issues that show the short side of the recruitment industry. Some of the highlights from my discussion are depicted below:

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We have used multiple B2B platforms, and we know how filters play a pivotal point for the platform. The user won’t be able to get the precise result if they cannot fully utilize the filter of a platform. Well designed filters help B2B users to save a lot of time, increasing their efficiency.
When designers are assigned a task of designing filters, they’re most likely to replicate mundane e-commerce filters in their solutions. Well, it’s not wrong. The solution works almost 70% of the time. But not all the time!

Not all products made for ordinary masses!

This our story…

Alok Dubey

Design @branchmetrics | Ex OLX People, TSM, Teamwave | Start-up enthusiast, Product Oriented |

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