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“Talk to your users and clients.”

Is it a cliche already in 2020?

I feel like everyone everywhere is talking about the importance of doing the research before launching a new product or service. But still, I can see people who, somehow, omit this step and run directly into the development phase.

Making assumptions and guessing what people would like and what not is a tough responsibility. In every guess, there is a possibility of failure. When you create something (it can be anything — from the mobile application to the business strategy) for some group of people, the easiest…

Illustration made using Humaaans by Pablo Stanley

We are all different. We may have different gender, age, culture, health conditions. But probably we use many common products. So what makes them usable for so many different people? Accessibility.

Let’s see what accessibility stands for.
Following Wikipedia, “accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities.”
What kind of pictures appeared in your mind when you read the word “disabilities”? Was it a man in a wheelchair? Or maybe a deaf woman? Or a blind child?
These are probably the most common understandings of disabilities. …

Recently, I had a chance to facilitate a workshop for ABB guests from Switzerland. One of the tools used there was a very simple exercise called 6 Thinking Hats. Even though I’ve already known the method and even used it at the university, yesterday I realized how useful it is and how beneficial it can be.

Some introduction: it’s a technique that structures the discussion in six different mindsets — facts, emotions, negativity, positivity, creativity and controlling the process. Each mindset is represented by different colors of the hat, so respectively — white hat, red hat, black hat, yellow hat…

You’ve probably heard of voice assistants that you have on your smartphone — Siri or Google Assistant. Usually, they help in some simple tasks like updating calendar or checking traffic in the city. But there might be some things you didn’t know.

When all of it started?

As voice technology is getting hotter topic these days, you might think that it’s pretty new. Well, not really. Exactly in the middle of the twentieth century, engineers from Bell Labs built Audrey — Automatic Digit Recognizer. From that time many such recognizers were built, but the real success was made by the IVR system. Interactive Voice Response…

Ania Puchala

I am a UX Designer, but I also do research and facilitate workshops. I’m passionate about human’s brain, mindful lifestyle and travelling.

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