Although so many stories are being shared today, I want to write mine, 2017 has brought so many memories and lessons

I’ve learned you don’t always have to share to the world what’s going on, I’m not saying if you do it’s bad, but somethings are better left unshared

I lived, I loved, I traveled and I experienced so many things and feelings

I moved out on my own this past year, although I’m just an hour away from home…adulthood really hit

I went through a lot…

relationships, dates and life

I went broke for a while and although I was slowly dying inside and wanting to die at times I decided to not let my parents know because I was the one who decided to move out and create this world of mine

It was so hard at times because I couldn’t handle it but I sucked it up and kept it to myself

I traveled with my parents to a few places, and realized how different everyone has it

I took a plane for the first time and it was a fun experience

I thought I fell in love in the span of 2 months, then realized he wasn’t shit

I also turned 21 and did some stupid shit, but I don’t regret it, I had the best birthday month, definitely one to remember

I realized some people genuinely care and some just fake it to see you fall

I learned to love more, be more humble, speak the truth, and be happy

Above all 2017 brought life into my life, if that makes any sense.

2018 I’m ready, to grow, to fall and to live and learn once again❤️