“Why have you’ve never had a boyfriend?”

Day after day I come across the “question.”

Yes! I’ve talked to a few guys, and sort of “dated” but it never got to the point where it would be official.

Many think it’s because I’m too arrogant, others say because I’m too egotistical or I’m closed to “love”

yet no one knows …

I used to force relationships and manipulate people to be with me

I would tolerate anything and everything just so I wouldn’t feel “alone”

Fail after fail I’ve realized what I’m worth

And fail after fail I’ve learned to let things fall in.

19 years and I’m still single

I don’t mind though ...

I feel like all the fails I’ve had have helped me grow into the person I am now.

I’m proud of the person I’m becoming and I slowly learned to love myself before anyone else.

I’ve also learned that not everyone with pretty eyes tell the truth

Or those that promise a forever will stay forever…

Now before anything else I’ve learned to be myself …

I found myself in the words that linger in my mind, the songs in which I could relate, I found myself in studying at 2 a.m., but above all..

I found myself within me

I don’t set my standards high, I just want someone to see beyond the outside

I won’t settle for less.

And now when someone asks me why I’ve never had a boyfriend I could say ..

because I know my worth.