Don’t Know Your Passion? Follow Your Curiosity Instead
Natalie Rodgers

This was perfect and I really needed it especially right now in my life. I never had a specific passion or hobby that I pursued with intensity, at least not for very long. Growing up I had many many interests and hobbies, I would jump from one hobby to the next, never reaching any level of mastery or even above average level in any of them. When I got to college, time and time again I convinced myself that my lack of any special skill or talent was unacceptable and I became ashamed of who I was. “Jack of all trades, master of none” was a way of life that would eventually fail me.

A couple of days ago, I had a talk with myself. I realized that my curiosity for many different subjects and hobbies and skills wasn’t a crutch, but a strength. It made me unique and interesting. My curiosity will open up a variety of doors for me and expose me to many different cultures, ideas, and experiences. I no longer wish to have just one passion, or talent. My passion is to experience life to the fullest in as many different ways as I can experience it. Limiting myself to one “passion” will not make me happy. Being immensely curious about life is what will ultimately make me have a fulfilling life. Thanks for the article :)

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