When I was applying for a business development role for Kiip, I pitched a few companies on forming partnerships with them, and introduced them to the biz dev team. I ended up getting an offer.
How to Get Any Job You Want (even if you’re unqualified)
Raghav Haran

Did you misrepresent yourself as an employee in order to pitch these companies for a partnership? This seems to be a hangup about taking this route. If you secure the partnership, great, everyone’s happy. If you fail to secure a partnership isn’t it likely you just hurt that companies chances of ever getting a partnership from them? Aren’t you setting them and yourself up for an awkward exchange when one of their biz devs reaches out to secure a partnership with this company thinking they haven’t been pitched before? And worse case scenario, what if you do something that gives the company you’re pitching a poor impression of the company you’re impersonating to represent? I really like the idea of showing the value one can provide by proactively doing work before even being hired, but it seems there could be some real issues with acting like an employee before you are cleared to be one.

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