A room filled with many people watching someone speak on a stage.
A room filled with many people watching someone speak on a stage.
Bridge’s 2019 Year End Thank You Party

For years Bridge School community organizers, staff, and other volunteers have put in thousands of hours of work to build an organization that focusses on positive direct impact for women, agender, and non-binary workers in tech. We did good work together, and saw incredible results. We came far in a short period of time, but unfortunately as of this week we will be pausing our operations indefinitely.

Like many community-built organizations, burnout was common among our ranks long before the pandemic, but it ran through our community rapidly and at all levels once the pandemic hit. We even wrote about…

Four people working around a table.
Four people working around a table.
From the left: Abdella Ali, myself, Lindsie Canton, and Purvi Kanal in an all-day meeting to create our first company set of guiding values, 2018.

As has been in the works for quite some time, I have decided to step down as CEO of Bridge School, effective by the end of June 2020. I will be working with the Board during that time to ensure a smooth transition, including ensuring our short-term commitments to better serve the Black community are completed and our medium and long-term ones are solidly on track before I leave.

Over the years of building and leading Bridge with a community of well over 200 volunteers, I have had the incredible privilege of seeing what is possible when passionate, empathetic people…

There would be no Bridge without Avery Francis. Period. She was the first to raise the idea, and she made critical contributions in the first year of Bridge’s existence.

In those early days, Avery, Abdella Ali, Yuri Takhteyev and I worked so hard to found Bridge. As the project grew, my communication with Avery began to break down, and this was my fault. I didn’t keep her up to date. I should have reached out to her. I should have talked to her. But I didn’t. It was a failure of my early leadership.

When Bridge moved from a Rangle…

What has the Bridge community been up to?

When it became clear that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we would have to pause our regular in-person programs, the first question we asked ourselves was ‘What does the community need right now?’. We felt strongly that whatever we did, we wanted to be able to offer something of distinct value and provide learning to our students, alumni, and volunteers.

We brainstormed, talked with some key volunteers, and quickly generated a list. We had ideas for workshops, talks, and suggestions for events that we could run virtually and went to work planning.

At this point, we weren’t sure how often…

It’s been a year since Bridge School received the Women and Gender Equality Canada grant. We wanted to share with you some of the ways this grant enabled us to build our capacity to serve our amazing community. Over the past five years, Bridge has grown into a thriving organization, but we’ve spent most of our time focused on providing and improving our programming. Until now, we haven’t had the funding or time to focus on the mountains of work that makes a non-profit run. Having this grant has allowed us to focus on areas where we knew our organization…

Bridge School is excited to announce the release of its 2020 Impact Report. This report reveals measurable evidence of how Bridge is positively impacting the community. We at Bridge believe in promoting a culture of accountability and transparency by presenting our impact data through this report.

The findings were a result of a survey conducted between August 19, 2019–February 18, 2020 to understand the impact of Bridge’s programs on students and graduates. Through this survey, Bridge was able to learn more about the results of our programs and understand ways the team can adapt and improve our services to grow…

Bridge School is excited to announce its new partnership with PagerDuty to launch Cohort 1 for Backend Development! PagerDuty is a forward-thinking company with a mission to bring positive change to the digital ecosystem. They have worked with Bridge since 2018 to develop more diverse and inclusive practices in the tech workforce.

Bridge’s commitment is to provide free, advanced education to women, non-binary and agender tech workers. This mission will now hit a new level of impact thanks to PagerDuty’s partnership and commitment to equitable communities.

Six Bridge School students laughing around a laptop as they set up a presentation
Six Bridge School students laughing around a laptop as they set up a presentation
Some students presenting work from the first PagerDuty sponsored Bridge Cohort

As one of Bridge’s earliest sponsors, PagerDuty’s growing partnership with Bridge will allow for…

Last Day of Bridge Cohort 7, Presented by RBC

Written by Purvi Kanal.

Over the past 3 years, as a team we’ve reviewed over 1000 applications to our frontend development program and after wrapping up the 9th round I decided I want to share some learnings about applications to our frontend program. What I wanted to focus on is the folks who don’t end up getting into our program or receiving our technical test, why that is and what they can do to keep learning to get there.

Every time we open applications and inevitably have to say no to folks, I always think to myself that I want…

Bridge School is thrilled to announce that it’s been named as a recipient of funding from the Department for Women and Gender Equality, as part of their Capacity Building grant.

Bridge was named a recipient alongside a number of other organizations that are aimed at enabling women’s and Indigenous organizations that serve women to tackle systemic barriers that impede progress. The national representation of the recipients demonstrates and recognizes the diverse experiences of gender and inequality across the country; Bridge will continue to operate and serve the tech community in Toronto as part of this grant.

“Our need to grow…

Written by Tahuana Cirati, Bridge alumni.

As part of our commitment to help level up junior and intermediate women, agender and non-binary professionals in tech, we’ve been offering a series of Professional Development Sessions for our alumni. We had the honour of kicking off 2019 with Karen Kua, who talked to our grads about their job search.

By day, Karen helps to build teams for enterprise organizations and startups entrenched in Big Data, Machine Learning, Risk, and more. By night, she develops with a MERN tech stack and is an education guru. …

Bridge School

Free education for women, agender, and non-binary folks in technology. Interested partnering with Bridge? Reach out to us at hello@bridgeschool.io

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