How to work together to support women in technology

Bridge School
Sep 16, 2017 · 6 min read
Jocelyn, Kevin (mentor), Simone, and Alex figuring it out together
Emily Porta talking about what’s next for Bridge at the DITTO x Bridge event on September 7th

Ella Gorevalov: What do you hope to accomplish through Bridge?

EG: What’s the difference between Bridge and one of Toronto’s code schools?

EG: Why is Bridge free for students?

“Bridge is free because it’s wrong to charge an already marginalized group for what non-marginalized individuals get for free every day.” — Emily Porta

EG: As a developer, how has being a part of Bridge affected you?

EG: How do you decide on the tech stack? Projects?

EG: What is the #1 reason to join Bridge?

“There is no better environment to learn in than one where you feel safe enough to ask all the questions and dare to fail.” — Purvi Kanal

EG: What’s next for Bridge?

EG: Can companies build their own Bridge? Where do they start?

The amazing ladies of Bridge Cohort 2! Top row: Elizabeth, Aurelie, Simone, Jocelyn, and Jen. Bottom row: Sarah, Alex, Maddie, and Meltem.
From left to right: Abdella Ali, Lindsie Canton, Purvi Kanal, Emily Porta, Ella Gorevalov, and Yaa Otchere.

Bridge School

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Free education for women, agender, and non-binary folks in technology. Interested in running Bridge at your company? Reach out to us at

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