Value Of Love by Gardner | Love Story | Chetan Bhagat

A Park with magnificent and marvelous view, full of lovers and lovable nature where people cherish their love and love life by spending quality time with each other.

One day, a girl was sobbing on the bench near the gate of garden. The gardener notices her and finally he asked,” Dear, you seem alone and sad, where is your friend Chetan? Tell me? “The girl replied him with her sobbing voice,” Can you tell me what is true love? Why it isn’t valued among people? “The gardener immediately understood the situation and replied, “I will answer your question but before that you have to do something. “

The Girl agreed to him. He asked her to get him a most beautiful flower she finds in the garden. The girl went in the garden and start looking around for the flower. After a while her eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a mesmerizing flower. But, before plucking the flower, an idea crossed her mind. She, thought if she could find such a beautiful flower at beginning point of garden then, definitely many more astonishing and extraordinary beautiful flowers will be inside the garden.

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