How I grew from 0 to 2k followers on LinkedIn in 6 months

If you are in university and looking for an internship/placement/graduate job, I recommend the website Sanctuary Graduates. They have something for every degree, such as marketing, finance, technology, real estate, healthcare, etc. The most prestigious firms, KPMG, EY, and BDO, also advertise their jobs on this platform.

They will also guide you during your application process, from interview prep calls to application feedback. It is free for all students, and the application only takes about 30 seconds.

First of all, you need to update your profile. Put a professional, high-quality profile picture because people are 8x more likely to follow you if they see your face. After that, update your biography to explain what you want to achieve and your key accomplishments.

Next to your name, you should insert your best title and the name of your course and university. For example, I would put President of the Accounting and Finance Society because I feel proud of this achievement. After that, I’ll write that I am an incoming summer intern at Harlands’ Chartered Accountants and a Course Representative at Plymouth Business School. You want to fill in as much detail under the word limit so you can attract the person to follow and connect with you.

You should update your work experiences and describe your role when you are done. It would help if you tried to quantify your accomplishments, for example.

Social Media Manager

Don’t put: Post on Instagram

Put: Grew Company X’s Instagram account to 75K followers, maintaining a 10% engagement rate in six months

It would be best if you also used adjectives when you start your sentences. Use bullet points if necessary.

Try to aim for 2–3 recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Write your friend a recommendation, and they might help you write one back.

When you’ve added your certificates, awards and volunteering, it’s time to start your first post.

Remember to use relevant hashtags and tag companies so they can see your photo if you mention them.

Also, don’t write a whole paragraph without any spaces. Use emojis to captivate the reader, and be creative!

After that, you should start connecting with people in the same boat as you and start conversations. Start by connecting with your friends, people from your work and university, and people who want to go into the same sector. You can also network with employees from companies you want to work with, but don’t feel disheartened if they don’t answer you, they’re probably very busy with work.

Consistency is key. Write an article every three days and watch your follower count grow! Like and comment on other people’s posts and endorse their skills to show your admiration for their effort.

If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, search up Chloe Tsang or click here:

I hope you have a lovely evening. I can’t wait to see your content on LinkedIn!



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Chloe Tsang

Chloe Tsang

Second-year Accounting and Finance student and Instagram content creator. I write about my personal growth and university experiences.