Entrepreneur Ride Along: Why I Rolled The Dice and Left BuzzFeed

You ever get so fed up with something that you knew you had to take some sort of action to change it.

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this summer. For the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some cool projects at some dope places. From creating content for various brands and agencies to editing videos for NBA players to working at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures…I’ve done a lot.


Something was missing. I love creating things but I was making other people and their businesses very successful.

So against all rational thinking, I decided to leave BuzzFeed and work on my own thing.

It’s called Black Fox Labs, and the idea is simple.

-We create 60-second, kick-ass animated videos for your brand, business, product or service.

-We work hard to make our shit look good, to ensure that your business looks Fu#$%ng Amazing!

-With all the extra money and time you’re saving, go ahead, kick back, relax and buy yourself a coffee. Make it a Venti, sugar-free, nonfat, vanilla soy, no foam…well you get the point.

Ride Along

I believe we have two choices in this world, you either go with the hand that life gives you or you pick your chin up, say “f*&K you world!” and begin swimming against the current.

I picked the latter and that’s why I’m writing this post. I’m taking my talents and doing something for myself (while helping others of course).

I’m doing a ride along because I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly with someone; and what better community to share this with then Medium.

Come join me! Feel free to ask any questions you’d like and let’s get busy!

Here’s how I plan to make $4000 in 14 days

I’m offering a summer blowout sale on 60 second animated videos. This deal is only running until September 1st, so after that…good luck Chuck on trying to get those prices again!

What do you get?

You’ll be receiving: • A personalized 60 second video for your business, brand or product • A 15 second video prepared specifically for Instagram • A 30 second video prepared specifically for Twitter • We’ll upload your video to your YouTube, Facebook page and website • Voice Over (if needed) • Soundtrack (royalty free music) • Your Social Media handles/names included in all content • And you own all of the work after we’re done!

Sound interesting? Let’s get started!

What’s Next?

Check out the site, I’m interested in any feedback and then come back here tomorrow to learn exactly what went down on Day 1!

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