How teachers and educational institutes are combating cheating?

Cheating has become very easy in the modern era and technology has contributed a lot to it, programmable calculator where a student can store notes, cell phones and services like online assignment help are some examples where students have used technology for cheating. However, technology is not just creating the problem; it is also solving the problem by providing teachers and educational institutes way to identify cheating.

Teacher using technological aid

1- Plagiarism software

Many programs are helping teachers in detecting the plagiarism in the student’s assignment so teachers can now easily check how many students have copied the material and how much material have been copied. Teachers can use these programs by either downloading it or just by using online services to identify plagiarism.

Another way, which is time-consuming, is by copying phrases and pasting them on Google to check from where that phrase is taken. With the help of these programs, teachers are catching students, who are cheating in their assignment and with its help teachers have seen a significant decline in the cheating. Although these anti-plagiarism programs are not perfect, still they are contributing in detecting the cheaters.

2- Cheat-proof assignments

When taking a test teachers are using this great technique of giving separate questions to every student so that they find no need to look on another’s paper. These questions are formed with the help of computerized pools of test questions. Another way they are using is by giving them very limited time to write an essay, which only people with abilities can write. When teachers give students course assignment or project, they check their daily progress and ask them to send outlines and rough drafts earlier than the final paper deadline. Teachers ask students to select the topic of their own choice because teachers believe that less student will cheat if they are given the topic of their choice.

3- Anti-cheating hardware and software

For GMAT Test, Graduate Management Admission Council has already introduced a new technology of palm-print readers which will cross check if the students giving test are same as registered. This hardware will identify if a palm of the student registered and student-giving test does not matches.

Some educational institutes have set up a room especially for tests and exams, where students are monitored with the help of video cameras and computer on which students give exam does not allow students to cheat.

4- Tech-savvy teachers

Some teachers set traps by providing illogical, incorrect and outdated answers to their assignments on a secret website, which always shows up on the top of the Google page because it is the only website where the students will find answers and when students copy answers from that website they get caught.

5- Other ways

Before the exams and test, students are thoroughly checked by the institutes for cheating material, they are not allowed to take electronic devices inside the exam room. There have been cases where a student was hiding Bluetooth earpiece and discussing while pretending to chew gum.


Educational institutes and teachers are taking help of the technology available at hand to identify and catch cheaters. They are using plagiarism detector and anti-cheating hardware and software to catch cheaters. In addition, teachers give students assignment where it is impossible to cheat or students do not have enough time to cheat.

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