This Earth Month, We Will Pick Up Hundreds of Thousands of Ocean-Bound Plastic Bottles

Image source PlasticBank.

April is Earth Month, and I want to talk to you about an issue that’s really important to me personally and also the team at Rushfaster. Almost everyone knows that climate change is a serious threat. But people are starting to realise that we have another serious problem that is right up there with climate change. And that problem is single-use plastic. This problem is so important that we at Rushfaster have decided to be part of the solution.

The Problem of Single-Use Plastic

But first, let me tell you why this is such an issue. When you buy a drink in a plastic bottle or accept a plastic shopping bag, you might spend 5–10 minutes using it. After this short time, it’s designed to be thrown away. If you’re lucky, it will be recycled, but less than 10% of your plastic waste is recycled. The other 90% will either go to landfill or find its way into our oceans. In landfill, over the next 1000 years, it will slowly release chemicals and poison the groundwater. In the ocean it will last for 500 years or more where it will be ingested by bird and ocean life or entrap them — both scenarios resulting in their death. In the last 40 years alone we’ve killed half of Earth’s wildlife. If the plastic doesn’t kill them immediately, it will start to break into smaller and smaller pieces — microplastics. These get ingested by fish and then by us when we eat the fish. The reality is that a garbage truck of plastic is entering the ocean in every minute of every hour of every day.

Plastic pollution in the Philippines. Image source PlasticBank.

Not only does plastic kill animals and poison us, it’s unsightly and reduces the enjoyment of our surroundings — it means we can’t enjoy our beaches. What’s worse is that it means our kids will see a dead ocean as normal. They’ll look past a littered beach to an ocean that has no movement, no turtles, no dolphins, no birds. This will be their normal.

This problem is so devastating, it’s something we can’t just watch happen. So this is our first step.

For the month of April, Rushfaster is committed to picking up 50 ocean-bound plastic bottles for every product purchased. That’s every product, not just every order. So if you buy 10 reusable coffee cups for you and your co-workers, that order alone will pick up 500 bottles. By doing this, together we will pick up hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles this month.

So how does a company like Rushfaster achieve such a big task? In April, we’re doing this through our partnership with PlasticBank. PlasticBank works in developing countries to increase the value of waste plastic to a level that allows disadvantaged communities to improve their lives by collecting and recycling waste plastic. So through this initiative, we will not only remove ocean-bound plastic from the environment, we’ll get it recycled and we’ll help strengthen a system that empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty. We love how this approach to the problem of single-use plastic, which is already a huge world issue, helps tackle another of our greatest challenges — poverty.

Image source PlasticBank.

By tackling the problem this way, we think everyone wins. You win, by getting some great gear and making a difference at the same time. We win, by using our company to make a significant difference. And people living in poverty win by being able to better themselves.

We hope that our efforts this month raise awareness of this issue and inspires people to reduce their consumption of plastic. And with your support, we’ll be able to stop hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from entering the ocean this month.

If you’ve got your eye on some new gear, please visit and place your order in April. Or if you don’t have anything you need to buy and you’d like to support this mission please like and share this so we can create the biggest impact possible.

Thank you so much and this earth month, let’s make an impact.