I Want You to Read This If You Are In Your Own Way… This Is Why

I want you to read this if you are struggling with YOU! If giving up is part of your routine. If stress is overwhelming for you. If fear is your friend and you don’t know what to do next.

You see, It is important to face reality. To face the present so you can prepare for the future. There will come a point when it feels like all you do or doing comes to a screeching halt. When things get boring and stagnant. When your momentum has run out and the wind dies under your sails.

The cause of that blank feeling may vary person to person or season to season…

- You got laid off
- You are having financial troubles
- You become complacent
- You don’t know what your next move is
- You fear change and opt-in to fulfill someone else’s dreams
- You are not seeing the results you hoped for

the list goes on and on and on and on…

The point is, most will react to this situation by doing nothing others will feel like they have to do more.

This begs the question…

When does patience become lazy?

Better yet,

When does drive become impatient?

The answer is simple…

Leverage every moment you have and every situation you face. Even more so, keep swinging for the fences and practicing your craft.

You never know when your destiny will take the plate.

If you got laid off from your job, but have a few thousand saved up and finally have the “time” to build the blog you always wanted, do it!

If you are experiencing financial changes and need the extra cash then get your hustle on and make something happen for you and your family. What are you waiting for? Do something.

If you are newly single, now having more money than you did when you were in a relationship and find yourself spinning your thumbs, get off your couch and fill the time with that e-course you always wanted to take or put to use that $200 camera that is dusted up in your closet.

The worst thing to do is nothing. 
The best thing to do is something.

So the next time the struggle gets real… 
get real with the struggle first.