Another Day 1

Being the person I am, I did not work on last week’s session over the weekend. Here’s what just happened.

The Process

I used the tools I made last week without thinking about what I could add or remove to make it sound evolved. Same groove, same presets, same everything. It took me 20 minutes of tweaks on the mix to realize I was stuck in the session. I was in a creative dead end.

The Result

The Drums are locked in. The groove can’t be better at this point, it can only be different. The bass samples and presets are pre-mixed and ready for any basic melodic low end groove. But do I want basic? No. I need to explore the potential of bass sound design and audio mangling.

What I Learned

  • There’s only so much you can create from a session that’s been recycled many times. Save your presets, sound designs and packs and load them up in a brand new session to avoid creative dead ends.

Here’s The Beat

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