It Takes a Black Man Married to a White Woman to Reduce Our First Lady to a Palette
Ezinne Ukoha

It’s clear that you didn’t grow up here and must be of a certain generation that has a higher regard for all things instant and none for complexity. No shade intended here. But you obviously missed the point of the messages both Jones and King articulate. You’re views are all over the place with this post. You admittedly date outside your race, but bash Jones in your headline for being married to a white woman. What does being married to a white woman have to do with his appreciation of the beauty of a black woman? Why should that prevent him from acknowleging the trials that her particular hue has undoubtly brought her? What pains me is not only to hear white people try to convince themselves that racism, classism, or sexism no longer exist. But it further complicates things when other black people buy into that notion and further the narrative. As if this isn’t happening, its not real, in fact, it never happened and we should just move on. Hey! Here’s a novel idea. Google the words “classically beautiful” and see what pops up. I’ll wait. See any dark skin kinky hair people? Any Africans? Hmm…When Jones makes the comment that Michelle is not “classically” beautiful. He is not saying that she is not beautiful. He is saying that she is not what White America considers beautiful. Simply put, “Classically beautiful” means blonde hair, blue eyes, slim nose. Do blondes have more fun? They certainly move up the corporate ladder a lot quicker and easier than the rest of us. And if you look at the 2012 census you’ll see that blacks make less on average than any other ethnic group.

There was nothing inflammatory nor embarrasing about Jones’ praise for the First Lady. He may not have chosen the “correct” words to speak to white people or a younger generation, but some of us got it and didn’t need him to fill in the blanks for us.

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