How do you trip? It’s Deeper Than Travel wanted to give you some few tips, in learning how to trip wherever you are, whether locally or internationally.

1. Learn the language

Usually when we’re going somewhere we try to learn at least two words, ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. You’re probably going to be saying that all the time, so figure out what those words are and try to learn those two (at least). While we were in Ghana, we taught our travelers that and not only did it make them feel more connected, it also gave them some respect from the actual community. For instance, you think about yourself when you realize that somebody took the time to learn a bit about you so that they could communicate with you and that gains some respect. It also makes you feel more immersed in the community.

2. Study the history

It’s always cool to learn a bit more about what has happened to make a community or a country the way it is. A lot of times we have certain assumptions but if you take a little trip to Google, you can learn more about what are some of the historical things that have happened in these places. For example, I was doing some research on an East African country, Tanzania and I learned that there were a significant amount of slave trade that happened there by Arabs. We usually learn about the West Africa Transatlantic Slave Trade, the English and the Dutch bringing Africans to the Caribbean. Now when It’s Deeper Than Travel travels to Tanzania next year, I’ll be trying to find where is their ‘Door of No Return’, slave castles, and how does that affect their community. Always learn a bit about your destination before you go, so you’ll have some sort of context for the way that it is.

3. Expressing your experiences (creatively)

It’s Deeper Than Travel did a workshop while we were in Ghana about how to tell your story. But finding creative ways to share your story really allows you to travel a bit deeper, whether it’s photography, such as taking pictures of statutes or monuments. Or maybe you find a way to paint what you experienced. We did wax printing while in Ghana and a lot of our travelers brought that piece home from the trip. Sharing your story also allows you to be able to share something for when you return.

4. Hanging with the locals

A lot of times when we travel we know what we want to do, and they’re mostly hosted by locals. Going to the popular touristic sites are cool, but so is just going to a bar and hanging with the locals. You’ll want to have some sort of connect in the area. A really good friend of mine, Charae, has a business called Tastemakers Africa and they specifically focus on connecting you to that friend in the community who can show you around. It’s really a dope experience to be able to go to any country and have someone there you can consider a friend that can show you the ropes from the perspective of a local. I know the first time I went to Tokyo, I was looking for black professionals and found a group. Before arriving, I sent them a message and once there, I got the chance to meet a girl. She took me to all the clubs in downtown Tokyo and connected me to somebody in Yokohama. I felt way more immersed in the community because I had a friend there to help me so find ways to hang with and get to know the locals.

Tip number 5 ties directly to what It’s Deeper Than Travel does, anytime we travel somewhere we always include volunteer/service work. When you are volunteering abroad, similar to connecting with the locals, you get an opportunity to work together with the locals so it’s different. Think about back in the day when you were in school, doing your homework by yourself was one thing but when you had a group project, you got to know them in a different way. You may have built friendships or uncovered things that were similar between you two, and it’s the same way when you travel and volunteer abroad.

If you are bold enough to change your environment, we promise to change your mind.