Behind the Scenes of Pablo & Jane -Interviewed by Mat Tobin

. > Pablo & Jane is not only my latest book , but it’s also my first book for children and the most challenging work I’ve ever done, so I‘m willing to talk about it!

Mat Tobin wrote an enthusiastic Pablo & Jane review some weeks ago ( he was one of the first ones!) and, after a brief tweet interchange, he asked me for an interview, to which I agreed almost immediatly.

So, for the interview, Mat crafted a set of questions so smart and juicy that answering them was a complete pleasure and what it could have been a cold mail-interview it felt in the end like a real and exciting conversation in which a lot of insightful details about the creation of the book and the process of working in comics and picture books.

One of my fav question and answer was this one:

There is a lot of humour in your images which many adults will get and not children (perhaps). Why do you think it’s important that your work appeals to both adults and children?
Well, I wasn’t really thinking in adults at all when I was making the book! I really think kids are going to get the jokes even if they’re more complex. And if not, I believe that a mysterious feeling that something’s happening there will stick with them and maybe they’ll get it in the future when they return. That’s what happened to me when I was a kid. Having the feeling that something was going on but I wasn’t really grasping it in some books excited my curiosity and made me wonder about things, so when a more complex joke or idea pops out while I’m working I don’t like to cut it down just because there’s a chance of the kids will not get it. And I really think they understand way more things than many adults, ha!
One of the jokes we are talking about

It was also the perfect occasion to put together a big set of process pictures I was treasuring in my HD and show them, what I was willing to do!

I’m putting some of them here and will continue posting on the making of ‘Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption’ in the future, but for now, go read the complete interview on Mat’s blog:

.>Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!


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