My Would Be Campaign Slogans

  • We Never Did Find Out Where That Beef Was!
  • He’s Friends With Most of His Ex’s!
  • He Called The Ending of the Sixth Sense In the First 20 Minutes!
  • Still Waiting On That Beef.
  • If You Were Moving He’d Let You Use His Old Truck
  • More Wars!
  • Less Wars!
  • The Exact Right Amount of Wars!
  • He’s Working Hard Because You’re Hardly Working!
  • Lets Get Revenge On the People That Wronged Us While They Were Getting Revenge For the Stuff We Did To Them!
  • A new Dennys in every town!
  • This Beef Issue Needs To Be Dealt With Already!
  • Stop Telling Us To Let the Beef Thing Go!
  • Make Everything Better For Everyone Everywhere All the Time This Is Totally Possible Its Just That No One Else Ever Wanted To Do That But He’s Not Like the Others!

Evan Eggers is a comedian, writer, and improvisor that acts like he’s over it when we all know he is soooo not over it.

Website: Instagram: @itsevaneggers Twitter: @itsevaneggers

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