Designing concept videos

My own concept video was crafted in a simple logic way. I started by introducing the feature I was developing (Browser extension), thenshowed the actual logo and explained the concept, how could the user use it and why would it be beneficial.. along with a very quick example of how to use this extension at the end.

This is the message I tried to be deliver to its users was hopefully clear“Spend more time on new interests by knowing how Youtube looks at you”

In terms of aesthetics,I ended up by choosing a neutral background music to go along with some facts I wanted to display. Not only to complement the idea itself but to everything as a whole.

It’s important for people out there who never saw your project or don’t know your concept, to be surprised by what you’re doing. I don’t think that everything needs to be perfect, but the overall needs to somehow cause a good impression, show a strong dynamic and be persuasive to its users.