Effective Surveys

According to this survey, each path differs from the user’s answer. If it detects some interest from the user side in a specific topic, it will continue asking him more related questions until the topic is closed.

I started by asking a few open questions/closed questions to gather some information about a few crucial points, such as the time people spend on Youtube, how their experience can be improved and what takes most of their attention when they reach the website.

A dichotomous question came after (YES | NO) to get to know if they would be interested to see new content every day.

As a result, I understood it would useful to know their interests, so I went ahead with a multiple question survey and grabbed as many answers I could.

I used some more open questions to gather as most data possible, such as:

- How would you consider using a web extension, in order to allow you to influence your preferences?

- What type of extensions do you use?

It was important and interesting to know what they felt about Youtube spying on their preferences and how important was it for them. As well their understanding of the potential advantages of reversing these conditions.

At the end, I gathered both qualitative and quantitative data which was useful to further compare each other , side by side and transform my concept into something bigger.

This survey was done with Typeform (Web Browser) and I’m happy I went for this method, very easy to work with!