Exhibition of Maps & Charts (NMM)

How to tell my story including research and user testing?

I’ve made sure “What is this about”, “Who is it for” and “Why is it valuable for both sides” (business and clients) is well covered, as these are the main questions we need to answer to our audience.

I then highlighted each main point in a logic way to deliver a clear concept, in order to provide a good basis and support.

Patterns were noticed after getting the same answers about certain questions from the people we inquired. What do you like most about museums? What attracts your attention in a museum? What makes a memorable museum trip? What was the last gallery or museum you went to? What do you remember about it? How did you learn that? These are a few questions that were included in our interview guide, that helped us identify what type of audience was more compatible to what we wanted to achieve.

Next step was the Project Audit, where we mentioned the failure and success ideas that occurred during our project. What have we done that was less appropriate? or didn’t work that well? What worked? and why? These kind of questions helped us define what have been achieved, taking both negative and positive aspects into account before jumping to the next level.

Last but not least, the use of visuals to structure data were incredibly important to make our project more conceivable and deliver a powerful message to the audience.

I’ve read the following article, which helped me communicate my research with reliable and effective methods.

My 3 take-aways from the article are:

  • Understand and develop main points of the story
  • Break story into different pieces to see if it makes sense (using Post its)
  • Visuals to make it more credible