My favourite digital museum experience


The experience goal is to highlight the importance of security and let the customer know how secure is his password. This exhibition will reinforce the importance of privacy and safety, and potentially force some people to change their own passwords based on the results gathered.

There were a few design challenges in my opinion such as: multiple screens, which are useful to guide the user, the different ways of interaction (keyboard, button, screen) and the actual machine design, which needed to be simple and easy to access.

1. Multiple Screens. Maintain a solid structure with change of backgrounds, to give the sense of alert.

2. Guide the user easily. One field only on the screen to be filled out, easy way of interaction.

3. Make the objective clear. One little screen to complement the the main one, which informs the user regarding its functionality.

4. Different ways of interaction. A keyboard to let users type their password and a red button to submit it. (simple and objective).

5. Design Machine. Screens on top, keyboard and red button at the bottom, which makes perfect sense. The last two mentioned will have direct contact with the user, so the more closer and accessible, the better for both ends.

I’ve chosen this project because it was an interactive experience related to my interests, as I’ve always been keen on how to to protect my websites from future threats, and expand my knowledge and services with more security.

If I had to fit this exhibition on an experience paragraph, I’d place it between making, learning & focused. An exhibit that lets you introduce your own password and learn from that particular experience.