Review Nupinion

Audience: Nupinion is a website that provides you a a full / complete insight of news for free “get well rounded view of news from multiple sources. Find opposing perspectives, discover who’s involved and avoid fake news.” This platform is mainly designed for citizens who desire to obtain a full and accurate insight about news, as well a desire to know more about each subject, having attached different opinions from other sources. This way they gain new perspectives and a better critical opinion towards a subject. Why should they care? Nupinion filters all fake and inappropriate news giving the user a better navigation experience and providing them the right information.

Interface: how does it present content? the website is very explicit and informs you straight away, what is their concept is and what type of membership you want to acquire depending on your budget and preferences. This website promotes mostly the free version in order to gain audience , I suspect. It has a lot of quotes to inspire and motivate the consumer to engage with this platform and gain a bigger audience, with the target to get more memberships.To add, they highlighted the membership which was most accessible to gain more users and draw their attention to its utilities and advantages in comparison of the free one.

How well does it address the audience needs? It provides them full information about their services, and targets the main focus of the app explaining in detail what it does as well as its advantages and services. The audience needs will depend on their opinion towards the information given, being that their needS will be dependent on what type of information they want to acquire.

Improvements: It is my belief that this concept is an interesting and well thought idea. If I was to change the website I would change the behaviour of most elements of the page , they should link to a different page immediately as the website only works when you refresh the page.