What did I learn?

The learning goals at the beginning of the unit were mainly to develop my UX skills, along with creating several interesting projects that may have potential to be explored in the future. These goals are important for me as a student as I am about to finish my degree and will soon be working full-time.

I consider myself hard working and persistent when it relates to get the job done. That being said, I tend to do more courses online, as they help me build a solid portfolio and prepare myself for the world’s work.

I’ve learned how to prototype with sketch 3, principle App and Flinto recently. The results couldn’t be better, and I feel the offer in this area will increase even more over time, which is quite exciting and the salary is very tempting, indeed.

I consider myself much mature in terms of structuring my projects, criticising and developing them. All knowledge of code and design never beed so mixed up in my life, and it’s great to feel that there’s isn’t an end for creativity, all at one-click distance.

There are a few times I struggle to get good ideas for my own projects, and I’ve realised you only get that truthful inspiration when you can step out of your comfort zone and start challenging yourself to be better, to create more and better and seeing other’s projects is actually a pretty good way of getting new ideas, or even go out to a different place, it may bring us some good stuff.

Regarding the problems I found on my project, I’ve always hear those who take some of their time to test any of my digital objects. I learned a lot from testing, it makes you think twice in every little detail of your own project and you actually start thinking as them, if you really want to become a problem solver. The whole process of solving problems it’s sometime quite complex, so it’s fully relevant to think out of the box.

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