Free Couch!

Note: I started writing these stupid posts on Facebook Marketplace / Craiglist in hopes of getting more attention and sell junk faster. It didn’t work. This couch isn’t for sale — just archived here on Medium for my own amusement.

Are you tired of sitting directly on the floor? Well, you’re in luck because we’re giving away our couch!

My wife and I have enjoyed our time with this cream beauty, but it’s time to say our goodbyes. It’s comfortable, supports your butt, is great for sitting AND laying down. This couch has character.

In my teenage years, I quit my job as the cart boy at a department store. I couldn’t take the monotony anymore, pushing carts all the time, so I resigned at the end of my shift. I returned a few days later to pick up my last paycheck. My manager hands me the check but pulls it away before I can take it and condescendingly says, “You’ll never get another job in retail. When someone looks at your resume and calls me for a recommendation, I won’t give them one.” It was her last laugh: she was obviously upset I…

Garrett Brown

Husband, disciple, runner, musician, traveler, reader, adventurous outdoorsman, Design and Marketing Specialist for BELAY, lover of pizza and tacos.

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