Write Your Own Story

Writing is hard.

Putting even a single word down on paper is a struggle, the blank canvas staring back. Taunting, like it knows better. I’m a perfectionist, which doesn’t help. Finding the perfect word to come next is like hiking and finding a fork in the trail; unsure which way to go, not wanting to take the path that leaves me wandering in the opposite direction.

But that’s also how life goes. So often we get stuck on making the right decision, one tiny step at a time, that we’re afraid to take a leap of faith and actually wander down what could possibly be the wrong path. Sometimes that trail will take us to a dead-end and we’ll have to backtrack, and sometimes it will end up leaving us lost, without direction. But other times we’ll take that path of uncertainty and end up discovering somewhere wonderful and new — a discovery never made if we were still stuck at the trailhead and didn’t take another step.

So here’s my advice and my resolution for the year: walk your own path. Write your own story in life, however messy and disorganized, spelling errors and all. The world needs to read it.