What is the first thing that comes to your mind about neem powder?

Is your answer — bitter and medicinal. Well, there is much more to this wonderful herb powder. The usage of neem in Ayurveda healing dates back to more than 5000 years.

Natural neem powder

When you switch to a natural way to take care of yourself, you will feel the difference. Many problems such as dandruff, acne, hair fall and skin allergies can be treated with this beneficial herb. Its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can be used to treat and prevent many diseases. Neem powder also contains Vitamin C that helps in getting rid of various skin problems. Many prefer to use neem powder instead of neem leaves. Since the trees are not found everywhere, it is a good option to use it in a powdered form. The powder is made from dried leaves and, hence has the same properties. It is also easy to use and you will need small quantity for each use.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of Natural neem powder.

Prolongs signs of aging

You need not have to worry by the aging signs on your skin. You can treat them with neem powder and look good again. It has regenerative properties and contains immune-stimulating compounds to fight the pathogens in your skin. It will keep your skin supple. You can also add the powder to your face packs to decrease the signs of aging.

Solutions for skin allergies and infections

Before you think about using any costly ointment to treat allergies and infections, you can apply neem powder on the affected area. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help to soothe the skin and cure the infection faster by restricting microbial development.

Increases hair growth

If your hair does not grow fast enough, you should think of using neem powder instead of using all kinds of hair products. Mix this powder with coconut oil and apply the mixture on your scalp. Leave it overnight and wash it off next day with a mild shampoo. The regenerative properties help in reducing hair fall and enhance the blood circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth.

There are more benefits of using the herb neem. Apart from this natural product, there are many other herbal products that you can use in your routine, For example — you can use amla, reetha and henna powder. Purchase them from a store that deals in good quality herbal products.