How did you get the data? How did you process it? What tools did you use to generate all the beautiful images and videos?

Projects like the data analysis of car2go availability are not really my bread and butter — after all, processing and visualizing 10MM rows of raw data probably isn’t an everyday task for most people. As the whole project was a great learning experience for me, and as the original post raised a couple of questions, I decided to follow-up to with a more technical explanation of how it went from an idea to the post.

The Data

On one sunny winter day I noticed that the car2go website includes a nice, automatically updated map of all their available cars in Berlin. As this map was rendered on the client-side, there had to be some connection to the car2go backend, and quick inspection of the network traffic from the browser confirmed this suspicion. …

Wednesday, 9pm, raining. You just finished watching Bergman’s latest movie and you really want to be home soon, without having to walk around in the rain. You open your car2go app, only to find that the nearest car is good 20 minute walk from you. Well, the öffi it is, then.

As an avid user of car-sharing services I found myself in a similar situation quite often, staring at an empty screen, hoping for at least one available car to appear in a reasonable vicinity. …

In the last two years I haven’t done a particularly good job keeping myself in shape. For over a year I helped increase the bottom line of McFit (by having a subscription but never actually going) and while I tried to ride my bike as much as I could, it still was not something to be really proud of.

The result was a gradual demise of my body, which did not manifest itself as much physically as mentally — I really hated not feeling fit. Don’t get me wrong, I never really had (and probably won’t ever have) any ambitions for a six-pack, but the idea that I can’t probably touch the ground when bending over and that doing 50 push-ups would probably send me to the ER did not exactly make me feel great. …

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