Set Goals For 2016 Not Resolutions.

People who tend to set resolutions to better themselves do so without a clear gameplan. And that’s why they fail. Ever noticed how jampacked a gym gets in January and almost empty by spring? It's because we want to do these amazing things, travel the world, improve our lives, yet we have no clear plan on how to get there.

Having goals is similar to dreaming unless you have a plan of action. This is why I want to personally share my goals and aspirations with the beautiful people of the internet because I want to hold myself accountable. I’m listing out my gameplan for you all to see. I hope this motivates you to set your own realistic goals and action plans for 2016.

Feel free to comment below and share your resolutions for 2016!

1. Travel To Vietnam

I’ve been telling my colleagues and close friends that I’ve been dying to go to Vietnam for over 2 years now and still nothing. There’s just something magical about Vietnam that I can’t explain.

  • Block out 2–3 weeks from my 2016 calendar now.
  • Begin looking for flights and hotel/AirBnB accommodations, travel guide plans now to get a rough estimate.
  • Create a simple savings method that allows me to slowly save up to the full cost of the trip.

2. Workout 2–3X Weekly

Everyone has a reason to workout. Some want to live healthy lives, get stronger or just look good naked. After many failed attempts in making my workout a normal part of my routine, I’ve realized that I never truly wanted it for myself. Changing yourself for the better begins with you and no one else.

  • Start slowly and go to the gym once a week to establish consistency.
  • Start adding 2–3 healthy alternative meals per month into your daily diet.
  • Slowly axe junk food from your kitchen by removing one item a week.

3. Read More

I like the idea of reading but can’t seem to do it on a consistent basis. I get distracted easily and have a difficult time focusing. The smartest and most successful people I know read constantly and find a way to add these nuggets of wisdom into their routine.

  • Create a small book club amongst my friends/work network where we meet up each month and discuss important talking points about the book. This also holds you accountable to actually read the book.
  • Aim to read a new book every month by allocating a time to read each week. Block out a weekly time on your calendar.
  • Find Top 3 takeaways from each book that I can learn from and incorporate into my lifestyle/routine.

4. Learning To Meditate & Being Mindful

It’s becoming increasingly rare to have free time to just think thanks to our hyperconnected society. I’m constantly checking emails from clients or reading a productivity article on Pocket. I’d like to find some time to just relax and think about nothing. A way for me to disconnect and be present.

  • Block out a time from my calendar just to think and reflect. It could be about anything but do this consistently on a weekly basis.
  • Reflect on my day before I go to sleep each night. Ask yourself, What have you done today that you're most proud?
  • Go for long walks. I love walking and want to incorporate this into my weekly routine more often.

5. Being Consistent

I’d like to become more consistent with everything I do. I find my inconsistency influencing how I work, tackle projects, and planning goals in a negative way. It leads to unnecessary stress, disorganized and chaotic workflows and setting false expectations.

  • Start by focusing more on things that matter and saying no to everything else. I find that my inconsistency stems from making too many commitments without fully understanding the time and resources involved.
  • Come up with a basic guideline on how to accomplish a project/goal in mini steps. I try to take on too much work at once leading to poor follow through due to exhaustion. Celebrating the incremental small wins will eventually lead to the big win.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to fail and make mistakes, that’s how you learn. I’d like to take time to reflect on my failures and understand how I got here and what can I do to improve instead of beating myself up over it.

Thanks to Kevin Rose for inspiring me to write down my own resolutions. I’d like to challenge my friends Cathryn Lavery, Daniel Rakhamimov, Amlan Das, Marc Watley, and Marc Brodeur to write down your own goals and share them with the community!

Humayun Rashid is Principal & Partner at DBNY, an eCommerce digital agency in NYC. He likes craft bourbon, Interpol, and offensive humor.