New Years Resolutions.. Can I Keep Them?

Every year, I go along with the tradition of making New Years Resolutions. A chance for self-improvement? Always down for that! One problem though.. I can never keep them.

Last year, for example, I don’t even remember what my resolutions were. I didn’t write them down, and by the 2nd week, I was already back to my old ways. This year, I’m typing it down on a note (and this post) with a reoccurring reminder on it. I also tend to make more resolutions than I can handle, so for sake of simplicity I’ve only got a few this year. Here we go..

Less typing, more talking.

Its about to be 2016 and everyone’s on their phone more than ever, including myself. When I go to a restaurant, people are snapping pics of their food (still). Families don’t talk in the living rooms. If I goto a concert, I know there’s going to be a sea of arms waving their phones in the air, trying to record it. Some people don’t see it yet, but all this phone activity is causing antisocialism. We’re not getting the real experience of life like this. Plus we’re fucking with the bees!

I’m not oblivious to this though, trust me. I’m always catching myself and whoever I’m with, just staring at our phones, at times. To me though, my phone is a source of information. I’m not talking about DJ Khaled’s hammock talks on Snapchat (though he does drop occasional gems of wisdom). I’m talking about all the world’s news and pop culture that is constantly spewing out on the internet.

Nonetheless I’m gonna make an effort to look at my phone less, and just talk more. You should too.

Save dat money.

Like Lil Dicky says, “We ain’t about to go and spend money just flex on them.” I don’t waste my money, but I could definitely learn to save better. I get free food at my job now, so I’ll definitely be saving on food!

Take a break from smoking.

In the last couple of months, I’ve slowly stopped smoking cigarettes. I decided my taste, my skin, my life, and some other things were more important.

But that’s not the resolution. My last New Years Resolution is to stop smoking marijuana (indefinitely). My tolerance is totally fucked from this year. The first goal, I guess, is to make it to April 4th, aka 4/20. If I make it to then, I’ll see how I feel and go from there.

Asides from that..

My only other goals would be to..


Class of Spring 2015! One elusive class left to take and I’ll finally have my Web & Interactive Design degree! Took longer than expected, but you try going to school full-time, while working full-time.

This year I’m going to rebrand my portfolio, fill it with projects, and find a real web design job. Thinking about all that just gave me chills. Good chills though..

Wish me luck!

At the end of the day these are just words on a screen. What it’s gonna come to is will power, which I know I have. So wish me luck. And happy New Years!