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The Herbata Story

Jeremy Becker
Dec 2, 2016 · 4 min read

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how I was tired of talking and ready to start doing.


Here I am.

Two weeks later and I’m ready to share what I’ve been doing and I’m fucking stoked.

Six weeks ago I had coffee with my friend/fellow entrepreneur/creative-genius, Michael Vlasaty. As we always do, we had a great conversation about life, entrepreneurship, and our ambitions.

Walking back to our cars from the coffee house I turned to Mike and said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to start a small box of the month subscription for tea. Something simple to play around with marketing ideas.”

Mike responded, “Why don’t we?”

After that, we chatted for another 45 minutes and figured out the basis of the business model and a list of potential people whom we could partner with that would provide us with the upfront expertise in tea. Domain expertise is a definite variable to success.

Fast-forward 47 days and we’re ready to introduce to you.

Meet Herbata

As long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with tea because with a little creativity, it’s possibilities are endless. It also makes a great products to sell because it’s generally lightweight and not intensely regulated.

Originally, Mike and I set out to create a simple monthly subscription for tea and market it. Cool. Since we knew original content was going to be a huge part of our master plan to promote Herbata, we also knew our rudimentary understandings of the tea world wouldn’t be enough. Within our ambitious timeline, there was no possible way for us to become true experts.

I’m not a fan of ‘fake it until you make it’ because people sense bullshit. They sense it fast.

We knew we needed a few other people and so we spent about two weeks and rounded out our founding team with a few more lovely humans. We had everything we needed to build something amazing.

The Evolution

After our second conversation as a team we started to discover that simply sending tea every month wasn’t that exciting. What we wanted to do was share the most authentic experience that tea provides.

That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Herbata is an expedition into the world of tea unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We are Artisans of Experience that will tour-guide you through your journey of discovering your palate and the world of tea.

Herbata doesn’t just send you tea, we provide you with a complete experience. From the moment you order, to the moment you receive your box, to the moment you open it, and the moment you drink your tea; every piece of the experience is intentionally designed.

We’re driven a simple belief: experiences are valuable.

I’ve designed digital experiences for years and I’ve begun to move past designing with bits and start designing with atoms. This is the first of many personal experiments testing my belief.

Let’s Test It!

Our team believes in Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). What’s the smallest version of our idea that allows people to experience Herbata without spending months or years developing something people might not actually want?

With this in mind, we wanted to launch fast and utilize an ecommerce platform that already exists. We decided to go with Shopify. Getting prepped for our launch last night while the team was working away on product shoots and some last-minute content pieces I discovered our solution for recurring subscriptions within shopify were ridiculously sub-par and in some many cases of testing it were just broken.

Ah! The heartache. We decided to continue pushing forward and launch today anyways. Therefore, right now, any purchase is just a One-Time Purchase.

We’re working on adding the recurring subscription in the coming weeks! So stay tuned for that!

Join Us

I want to personally invite you to join us at Herbata. If you’re interested in subscribing for yourself, we’re launching a One Month Subscription for $20. If you’re interested in getting this as a gift for a family member, we’re also launching a 3 Month Gift Subscription at 15% off! Instead of $60, get it for $51 right now. It’s the perfect Christmas present!

Sales pitch aside, the amount of effort and love the team has poured into Herbata to make it something special is tremendous. I’m so proud the work the team has done.

We moved magnitudes beyond our original idea of a box-of-the-month tea subscription and into a whole new realm with what we’re launching. Visit us online at

I’m so excited for you to try it.

Jeremy Becker

Written by

Entrepreneur. 22. CEO, MedConnect.

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