You Know You’re a UX Designer When…

  1. You’re pleasantly surprised whenever you see new UI in any app/site and immediately run a heuristic evaluation.
  2. You look forward to reading app release notes and feel giddy when there’s clever, branded copy (and disappointed when it’s the standard, “performance improvements and bug fixes”).

3. It’s fun to read iOS UI and Material Design guidelines and you have developer conferences like WWDC noted in your calendar.

4. You dream about wireframes as you’re working on your next designs.

5. You’re constantly screen shotting awesome designs and contextual states and have a bookmarked list of sites/apps with great design.

6. Conversations with your friends turn into user research and user interviews sessions.

7. Your brain kicks into UXD methodology anytime you hear about a problem.

8. You find yourself in a rabbit hole of content about all things design — podcasts, interviews and Medium articles

Open Link in New Tab, always!

9. You launch into live usability testing (with head nods, groans, delight and eye rolls) every opportunity you have to use a new app / website.

10. You sprinkle knowledge about UX and your career into daily conversation.

“Yes! That menu is called a “hamburger menu” because it looks like a hamburger!”