Why I Align Instead of Hustle

Jessica Ann

My energy is too precious of a resource to say yes to projects that aren’t 100% aligned.

If I’m not in alignment, it’s a solid NO.
And a NO means NO.

But it’s easy to get duped.
I almost got duped this week.

A new client wanted me to work on their marketing campaign. But I got an icky feeling. It didn’t matter that they were multimillionaires. It didn’t matter that they “seemed” like good people on the surface. I can feel BS from a mile away.

Even if I try to think my way out of it with logic (which I don’t recommend), it still exists under the surface as “ick.” gross, no thank you, and goodbye.

So, I said “No.”

They continued to plead with me to work with them, flummoxed why I would turn down so much money.

Money is money.
But alignment is a superpower.

Let’s do the definition thing: According to Dictionary.com, Alignment is “a state of agreement or cooperation among persons, groups, nations, etc., with a common cause or viewpoint.”

Here’s why I align instead of hustle:

1. A common cause means less work.

It’s no secret that when you’re excited about a project, you can work 24-hours a day and it doesn’t feel like work.

If you don’t have a common viewpoint when starting out, it’s not going to happen halfway through a contract. The project or the people will drain you. You’ll start getting bitter or building resentment. You won’t produce good work.

But when you’re in alignment, the opposite happens: You have tons of energy yet you don’t feel like you’re “hustling.” You’re simply showing up as you. And your clients will respect and value you so much more.

Your full-bodied, tingly, magical YES propels you through projects. I know what this feels like to make money that’s in alignment and I refuse to work any other way.

2. Magical alignment exudes the impeccability and purpose to transform the world.

I have the honor and pleasure to work with clients who are good people and make a ton of money. They are not mutually exclusive.

But I refuse to work with people who seem a bit off. I hold myself to the highest of standards even if it’s uncomfortable….especially if it’s uncomfortable.

3. Integrity is EVERYTHING, even if it means saying no to short-term gains.

As a perpetual people pleaser, the first NO’s are uncomfortable AF.

But I’m not here to make the world (or myself) comfortable. I’m here to SHAKE things up.

Life is simple: I can only catalyze my clients as much as I’m in alignment. Being in alignment means that I’m in truth with myself. It’s embodied marketing (more on this to come!)

4. It’s all energy.

And the good/bad news is that I’m not the only one experiencing these tests: It’s just that we’re processing and interpreting these initiations in different ways.

Opportunities are sometimes disguised to steal away your power. It’s up to you to discern. Discernment can be psychological or moral in nature.

As the inner tyranny collapses, outer tyrannies lose their pull — whether they are corporate, political or social. The most direct stand you can take against all forms of tyranny, then, is to reclaim your embodied wholeness. — Philip Shepherd

5. We need to wage a war against the status quo by saying no.

Alignment is priceless. Hustling can cost you your soul.

When you’re in alignment, synchronicity kicks in. And you can see the true nature of things from a higher level. But it takes time for you to realize what’s in alignment and what’s not.

Five years ago, I invested my entire life savings into a startup. I didn’t know that the guy I gave my money to was a psychopath, narcissist. If I didn’t go through such a devastating, heart-wrenching experience, I may have not seen the red flags of this new potential client.

6. Retrospect gives you guidance

Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards” — Kierkegaard

I’m living my life “forward” but retrospection is how to see through the facade.

Alignment is a superpower.

Here’s to having the guts to stay in your superpower.

Jessica Ann

Written by

Author, Humanize Your Brand http://a.co/8a2aU33. Podcast Host, The Art of Humanity >> https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-art-of-humanity/id985403545?mt=2

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