Bernie Sanders’ Path to the Nomination
Chris Mabry

I’m not sure where you’re getting these numbers from but I’d disagree with a few. Example, you have Hawaii at -5% for him, even though Bernie has a very important ally in the state (Congresswoman Tulsi). Also a state like Indiana might be higher for him, with high profile events such as carrier moving jobs overseas his trade message might resonate well there.

At the same time I’m very skeptical about the big state margins you posted. NY for example, is very much in Clintons favor right now. Demographically & politically. Moreover its a closed primary (Indep. had to switch back in the fall), and the deadline for new voters to register is the 25th of this month. None of this is helping Bernie. And even if Bernie does win, I don’t think it’s accurate to say by 10%. But we’ll see!

Having California at +20% is also very ballsy. Assuming he does incredibly well in basically every upcoming primary, gains all of the momentum he needs, then I think thats a fair assessment. Otherwise I seriously doubt he will have that level of support by June.

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