Let’s talk about the Hillary Victory Fund.

Is it supporting down ticket races like the campaign claims?

In the recent days Hillary Clinton has come under fire for large fundraising with George Clooney. Entry prices range from 33K to 353K, and Clooney himself recently told Chuck Todd it’s an “An obscene amount of money”. This money we’re talking about specifically is going to the the “Hillary Victory Fund”, which is a joint fundraising committee and what allows Clinton to raise this much money.

Now the justification for this is pretty simple, democrats need to raise money for more than the presidential candidate. Senate, house seats, governors, etc. or otherwise known as “down ticket races”. In principal this makes sense, and it’s also how Clooney followed up with Chuck Todd in defending what they were doing.

Heres the problem, the Hillary Victory Fund isn’t doing what the campaign says it is.

First, here is latest filing so you can view it yourself. In particular I’m looking at the “REPORTS OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS”. This page has a lot of other expenses on it, so I grouped together the results into a google sheet & also did the math.

But here is the key finding I was talking about earlier.

The victory fund has given close to 9.5 million to Hillary’s campaign. In comparison, only 1.9 million has gone to other state democratic parties and 3.5 to the DNC itself. Even combined, Hillary for American has gotten $4 million ($3974222 exactly) more than down ticket races.

Finally, just in case you wanted another person to investigate this, Politico came to the same results I did.