love will stone you (five songs #1)

  1. The echoing voice of the unborn ghost of Paul McCartney if he’d been doing what he was supposed to be doing during the early ’70s.
  2. Your own ghost calmly narrating its crushed self’s history. My heart turned to stone and I died, it says. So how are you alive? You realize that, as it stands, you’re maybe not.
  3. If you built an edifice out of the ghosts of melody how high would it reach? This is not a rhetorical question. Show your work.
  4. The barren ghosts love one another with a white heat, a fervency that could burn out stars. They will never know one another’s touch.
  5. The ghost said, “but none of this is gonna happen / to me / within my lifetime.” We saw right through him — it had all already happened.
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