Heading to China: Prepping in 10 easy steps

  1. Buy tickets 5 months prior based on a quick conversation over Facebook.
  2. Sunshine (girlfriend and travel partner) books hotel.
  3. Wait 2 months, figure out we need vaccinations and visas.
  4. Sunshine gets vaccines.
  5. I make a mental note to talk to my doctor for the first time in 2 years.
  6. Wait 2 months, get visas (good for 10 years!).
  7. Wait 2 weeks and finally get around to getting vaccines.
  8. Google, read wiki page Sunshine sent me weeks ago, dig through Atlas Obscura and finally figure out what there is to do in Chengdu (important note: don’t actually figure anything out).
  9. Pack the day of and discover religion, asking every deity that will listen to allow us through TSA quickly and to allow us to make our connection in Shanghai and to find a cab that understands some English at 12:30 am in Chengdu and can get us to our hotel.
  10. Don’t forget to wish Sunshine happy birthday on June 13, which is the whole reason this trip is happening.
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