For the last couple of months, I have asked myself almost every day, “Should I bring my camera?” And that’s always such a hard decision. Almost every time I have it in my backpack I’m looking for things to photograph. It makes me feel more active in creating new stuff but also helps me look for interesting stuff around me. Then I realized, “I’ve had a camera in my pocket all the time, why am I always bringing a big production?” I guess it’s fine, sometimes I do need to bring my camera, but to always have that big camera and maybe lenses are harder to have around, sometimes when you are ready to take the picture it’s too late and the subject is gone. So then, why not use my phone’s camera more? I decided to give it a try, and guess what? I loved it.

I don’t think my phone will replace all the features and the easier control of settings that a professional camera can provide, but using your phone’s camera can definitely get you good quality if you’re looking for some quick pictures. One thing is true, it’s not all about the picture and composition but the edits that you put on that shot. Personally, I like to use Lightroom mobile to SHOOT and EDIT my phone’s pictures. That’s right, I don’t shoot with the actual camera. The Lightroom App has an option to kind of boost your camera with most of the features that you have in a professional camera. You can change exposure, WB, ISO and even the shutter speed. I think that’s good enough to get more crispy shots and bring your phone to the next level while photographing.

Honestly, there are a lot of things around you can make interesting just with a quick shot and a fast edit. And you can definitely stop using Instagram filters and start your own game just with that small camera on your phone.