In the last six months at Edquity, we’ve gone through a true transformation. We’ve acquired a company, added the leading expert in our field, launched the first ever technology providing emergency cash assistance to college students, and doubled the size of our company. Such growth and change gave us the perfect opportunity to rethink our brand and manifest our metamorphosis visually.

As a young company with multiple products, Edquity has historically focused on perfecting our product suite and enhancing its functionality. At its outset, Edquity didn’t have the time or the capacity to intentionally codify our visual brand, define its…

Originally published in my blog “Life in Fast Forward.”

I never understood camp kids — the ones who boast: “You just had to be there.”

Uenoland changed that.

Uenoland was a blast and a half. Since moving to New York eight months ago, the act of creating community has been on my mind a lot. I think of community as going somewhere with familiar faces; by Day 3 of Uenoland, I had people across the room who I could wave at. It didn’t feel like networking — it felt like making friends and manifesting a community where there previously wasn’t one.

Highlights included…

originally published on “Life in Fast Forward”, my blog about my postgraduate exploration in Paris

i keep a running record of ideas on my phone ranging from potential blog post topics to hypothetical apps to silly illustrations. these are the projects that if i had all the time in the world, i would happily create and develop.

in other words, it’s a list of my passion projects.

it’s easy to discount passion projects as unprofitable dreams not worth investing time in but actually, the opposite is true. …

Paris has many charms but it’s hard not to miss the small-town environment of Chapel Hill/Carrboro where you can take a stroll down Main Street and run into three different friends.

when you’re homesick, you’re not necessarily just missing your house or your friends — you’re missing normality, routine, and the consistency of love and validation.

as humans, those are the things that allow us to survive and persist.

there’s no cure for homesickness (trust me — i checked WebMD) but there are ways to alleviate it and make your symptoms a little more tolerable.

1) Eat Comfort Food

for me, comfort food is…

i am a naturally impatient person. when walking down the sidewalk, i weave and wind between and around other humans and walk at a pace that can be likened to the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. i’m almost always antsy when i’m alone, unable to suppress and combat the thought of stagnation and inactivity, buzzing around and scanning for something to do. my mother always said it was impossible for me to sit still.

learning how to be patient was a huge reason why i decided to move to Paris. if i could learn to take a moment to…

Jun Chou

💛 Product & brand designer who loves hugs, karaoke, and sunshine 🧚‍♀️✨

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