Now is the time to find out your real personality!

Since, you intend to read this, I can tell you right now that your real personality (version of your honest self) is amazingly different than you think it is.

Which version of yourself do you know?

Who are you?

You are a curious one. You want to find out more about yourself in order to make appropriate changes. You don’t like it while others lie, regret if you betray someone, want to help poor, don’t really like wars and want to be honest to almost everyone and behave like a decent citizen. I know this is how you, most of the times, think of yourself.

Who you actually are?

As a matter of fact, you know that your behavior in public does not reflect your real personality, yes, you know it! You know that, most of the times, you are actually trying to be someone, who you are not.

There are so many things, we keep on doing, at times, but never consider them as part of our personality. I am going to mention lots of scenarios below, derived from my own experiences as well as by observing others. Just check (honestly, just for yourself), how many times do you find yourself.

Here you go:

You know that you are crossing red lights, riding your bicycle on pavements, bitching about your colleagues, bragging about your holidays on social platforms and trying all possible filters to make your photos look amazing to impress (make jealous) others. Mostly, you are liking others’ photos or comments as an unconscious strategy to get the same in return or just to be active or visible in the network. You don’t stop talking about your hatred for online stalkers, while yourself stalking others at times.

You know that you are faking stuff, trying to get credit for things you should not. You know that all those stories, you are telling others about your experiences, are actually modified (wished) versions of what really happened. You know that you are not as intelligent as you put on display. You know that many of your colleagues can better handle certain things than you can, but you never tell them.

Acknowledge those blurred spots of your personality

You are shouting at cycle riders while driving a car and at car drivers while riding a cycle. You are posing yourself as a secular person, while putting your religion in a positive light.

You hate gender stereotypes, but expect a guy to win you over. You tell others about your dislike for games, one or the other side playing during first dates, such as not answering messages or returning calls to make it more interesting or teasing, though you do the same while dating someone. You tell others not to start dating someone at work, though you started your own at work.

You are trying to show yourself poorer or richer than you are, depending on how do you want to position yourself. Either as a person (poorer version), who cares more about the majority of the humanity (pretty hip right now) or as someone (richer version), who wants to establish as a successful and wealthy one.

You dislike people, who are buying only organic food, because you can’t afford it. You are worried about child labor in developing countries, but whining about a crying kid in public transport or restaurant.

You complain about others being pretentious, while jealous to death about your friend’s penthouse. You don’t tell others that you were refused entry to a hip club, instead you share your dislike about the club stating your phony reasons.

You expect others to be honest with you all the time, while you not being honest with others.

Idea here is not to prove that we all are hypocrites, but to realize that we are also a lot like others and we don’t realize it.

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