Beginner Guide to Markdown

markdown logo (source Wikipedia)

Some pro’s of markdown:

  • Easy and simple formatting.
  • Can be converted to tons of different formats easily.
  • Platform and app independent format. (you just need a simple text editor on any PC ever existed on this planet)
  • Pleasant syntax and easy to learn.

Learning basic Markdown syntax:

  • Paragraphs: Everything you write are just wrapped in paragraphs. You can separate paragraphs by leaving a line between them.
Hi this is simple paragraph
and this is also the part of line.
Yeah, this is another paragraph.
  • Headings: you can create headings with number of hashes # . The more the number of hashes the lesser the power of heading.
# Main Heading 
## Sub Heading
### may be used as topic heading
#### sub-topic headings
##### another heading
###### smallest heading
output of headings
  • Links: links are really important in documents and markdown’s syntax for links is great too.
I read a lot and also write some cool blogs. You can read [My blog]( here.
output of link.
  • Images: everyone loves to make their text visually appealing by adding high quality images.
  • lists: Actually there are 2 types of list.
- first item  some text about it.
- Second item
some text also about it.
1. Hello this about me.
2. I'm a great blogger.
3. I write on medium.
view it in raw to get something funny about markdown.
  • Blockquote: want to show some quotes or highlight some text to get users attention, then blockquote is what you need.
> Make it simple not simpler.  -- Albert Einstein
  • Code: you can write code samples in your markdown by using pair of `(upperticks)` you can write multi-line code with 3 pair of upperticks.
# ping on google server (bash script)
ping -t
see the raw file to know how to add highlight in Github Readme’s
  • Bold text: if you want to bold the text use **Bold** or __bold__ whatever you prefer, I generally prefer to use stars for bold and underscores for italics.
**bold text denoting it's something important**__another bold text__
  • Italic text: for italic text use single underscore _italic_ or star *italic* around the text.

Some places where Markdown are used.

  • Slack
  • Github and Github wiki
  • Project management products like Trello
  • Blog-aware static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo

Some apps for doing markdown.

Look here to learn more Markdown.




Web development | #javaScript #nodejs #expressjs #jquery #css

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Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma

Web development | #javaScript #nodejs #expressjs #jquery #css

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