Jacking all is easier than Mastering One

Have you heard anything like:

20% of efforts yield 80% of result

Even if you have read The first 20 hours by Josh Koufman then will be surely agree with me that you can learn a new skill in just a matter of a month after deciding it.

This is true that you just need 20 hours or may be 30 but the fact under this is learning a new skill is not spending 7– 8 years to be a geek in it.

Take something like you want to learn how to make a portrait.

Then divide it in sub parts and learn them because very few skills are most important and others are just for getting perfection that art.

And, dedicate a few minutes for it, daily 45 min is enough to start of you have a busy schedule.

And, the last tip is don’t waste most of your time in research 1–2 hours are enough in most cases.

Because the practice will make you better not the researches.

…continued in few days