How And Why I Got Addicted To Programming

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Back when I’m 18, I’m a 2nd year grad in cs with no knowledge in programming which is quite normal for an Indian student. But, I’m interested in learning new things. This is the year when I brought my first pc and started to try different things out like batch programming for making things easy. But, I have no idea of what I’m doing. I thought that it is just typing commands in a .bat file and running it. But, the experience is amazing. Tips for using computer more easily made me to generate interest in computer. Even though my decision to choose cs as a grad program is a mystery to me, I think I fell in love with being really lazy. That’s when I googled out how to create websites. I still remember that the green words on my browser that made my day. Later, I coded using C for simple things a college would teach.

Later I moved on to Java. I started to dream that I must get into one of the Big 4 companies. On the hunt I searched for jobs at Google. I found an Interesting line in the description

The line of code you write affects millions of peoples lifes and the way they live

This line simply changed my views about programming. I thought to learn programming, because I love to see what computer can do for me. But what, I thought is really is not the way I must think. I learnt that, programming is about solving problems that helps the community to move more quickly. Then the fear began. “The community” is really a broad term. Isn’t it? Coding up things is an easy and fun task. It’s intimidating when you think about the large communities for solving thier problem. Example, Google for searching. It’s really different for searching the entire Internet to produce instant results than to search in a dictionary. Even though It’s intimidating, It’s fun. So, I thought to learn efficient ways to code. It can only be done if you have good knowledge in core cs subjects. Like data structures, e.t.c. One resource I used is Hacker Rank which is excellent for a beginner. I got addicted to Hacker Rank. Even now a days I frequently bunk classes to solve problems in hacker rank and code them. Coding is really different from solving a problem. I needs practise and it takes time to get good at this unless you are a super genius at learning and applying things so fast.

Many people start to think which programming language to learn,

My opinion is it really doesn’t matter which one you learn. It’s all about how good you think to solve. If you learn one the other can be learnt in less than a week. If you are really quick and hurry for your job at service based companies. Learn the language of your chosen domain. This would help you.

Tips I’m trying out to become a good programmer:

  • Learn data structures
  • Learn any one programming language
  • Learn Design Patterns
  • Learn about database design
  • Try Math to improve thinking capabilities
  • Use stack overflow, Quora, e.t.c for help if you’re lost
  • Learn to solve complex problems (try to do it your own) resource:
  • Practise.

Good luck and Happy Coding!

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