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  • What sorta bothers me a lil is how despite your situations, you never mention the assistance from your family or possibly friends. Though I am only speak purely from a cultural perspective since where I am from, its unusual when we hear individuals speak of their problems and never mention there families or friends helping. A sense of sadness and realization that perhaps American culture isn’t really that kind to its people. Don’t want to sound religious but, how I was raised is that those without sin should cast the first stone. . . how many of those people who judged you can legitimately say that they are perfect? regardless of financial situations, its a blessing to have the ability to create life, a lot of unfortunate people cannot do what you do.
  • To end , its nice that I sorta have the same thing as you where I can easily forget a statement if I dont agree or I Id avoid thinking of such statement if it conflicts with my faith which I think is a great thing you have. And congratulations on your child.
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