Move To Medium

I have been actively blogging for the last, however long I can remember. However, I never knew I would switch to this platform. My old website (blog) just expired, and I chose to not renew it this time. Thinking to myself. I am going to lose so much content.

I have been scared lately. I have had thoughts consume me. Thinking,

is my writing even important? Will it outlive me? will it have longevity?

I mean, I would love to read my material years from now. I would like to know the ideas that had consumed me and what I was putting out into the ether. But the thought that, if I never renewed my domain I would lose all my material scares me.

Therefore, I decided I am going to move my writing and my thoughts to this platform. I am going to start writing here. And if I am lucky, transfer some of my articles from the old blog page to this one. That way, I am half-way assured of longevity. I know I can trust medium to exist the next decade or so. And I will be excited to grow with it, and build a readership base around here.

It feels so new to be doing this. It is almost like putting in the first blog post on your WordPress. It is like the “Hello World” post. I love this new feeling. Here we go again.

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