Crosley Record Player Review

Product Name: Crosley CR6017A — MA 3 Speed USB Turntable Record Player

Color: Silver and wood finish

What does it do:

Simply put, it plays records or vinyls while providing that retro sound we have come to love, has an aux port for those of you who just want another aux speaker. If you’re feeling really old school, this device also comes with a built in AM/FM radio. No need to worry about using headphones or speakers because it has the speakers built right in. However, this player does come with a headphone port just in case you do want to keep your tunes to yourself.

Key features:

This record player is USB enabled which means that you can plug it into a computer via USB, play a record and record that sound to your computer. This record player also boasts a full range speaker so you can hear your music without the need for external speakers. Another wonderful key feature is the ability to play records at 3 different speeds. I’ve known some of the entry level players to only allow 1 or 2 speeds.


Vinyl record and record players provide a rich sound that cannot be achieved through mp3. In my opinion, a vinyl record allows the listener to be taken on a journey through an album while providing a different sound. Sometimes, a vinyl can even sound like you were in the room when the song was recorded. For me, listening to vinyl is an immersive experience.

Who is it for:

Record players aren’t just for hipsters and old people. They are becoming increasingly affordable and vinyl records continue to make a comeback. Record players are for avid music listeners who want to start a collection, dive deeper into their listening experience, or experience a sound that is different from the digital one that they are used to.


  • Comparison: Compared to other record players I’ve listened to and owned, this is a medium player. It’s slightly a higher quality than the normal 30 dollar player that is making its rounds. However, it’s not really a match for higher end players.
  • Quality for price: Personally I think that this player may be a little overpriced at $70. For only $10 — $30 more you could get a higher quality player with more features and an even richer sound. If you’d like this model, I suggest searching deep in amazon and ebay. I’ve seen some used ones go for as low as $20 plus shipping.


Overall, this is a step up from an entry level player. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst either. The 3 speeds allow you to play most records, however be careful as this player has been known on occasion to scratch a few records (que Dj hero). However, with features like the aux port, usb capability and sound ports, this player definitely holds it’s own.

I’d like to know what you guys think. Have you heard anything from this player, did you like it, did you hate it? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.

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