I never felt like this before.

The feeling of wanting him is rising

I can’t stop thinking of him every now and then.

I remember the first time we chatted

Its kind a weird but the feeling is overwhelming.

I remember the first time we meet and its so embarrasing

That moment you though that it will never happen.

My adrenaline was rushing throughout my whole body and striked to my heart.

Its was like one of my best day ever.

Our feelings was mutual.

He like me, I like him

We almost have the same path to take.

Its like a great start of having a wonderful relationship


Behind of all of those happenings

Their is a burden inside my heart

Both of us has boyfriends

I knew since then that this will not work out

I wanted him to be my lover but i think it will never gonna happen

With conscience over it, No way!

We promised that we became friends.

We think that would be the best way to name our relationship.

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